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What is Dormitory offers?

It is provided to employees in other regions except Chungbuk province.

How is the notification of successful applicants?

Individuals will be contacted only for successful applicants.

How does the interview work?

Although there are differences depending on the field of support, basically, many interviewers evaluate one applicant in terms of expertise, practical ability, and ability to do business.

Are there age and gender restrictions on support?

There are no age restrictions or gender restrictions.

What are the considerations for document selection?

Priority should be given to the overall history of the applicant application, the qualifications of the applicant and the job competence, and the major, qualifications, and experience related to the applicant field may also be considered.

What documents are required to apply for employment?

You can submit an application form for your form, a copy of your qualification (only for holders), a final school graduation certificate, and transcripts by e-mail.


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