R & D

R & D History

R & D History

year 2018

Development of POCKET DOOR for Railway Vehicle
Power collecting device development (BOTTOM-UP type)

year 2017

Improvement of LB BOX of Seoul Subway Line 7 (45 units 90UNIT)

year 2016

Railway Facilities Corporation PSD Project (22 history 1,672 UNIT)
Seoul Metropolitan Subway Line 4 (DV) LB BOX Improvement (9 Combinations 45 Units)
Improvement of LB BOX of Seoul Subway Line 7 (5 units 10UNIT)

year 2015

Incheon International Airport (IAT) 3rd level electrical equipment and history / track facilities (PSD, etc.)
Busan Urban Railway PSD Project (10 lines including Shinpyeong Station, Line 1)

year 2014

Seoul Metro Line 1 (Resistance Car) Improvement Project (6)
Busan Urban Railway PSD Project (5 lines including Line 2, Jungdong Station)
Localization of high-speed breaker of Busan Urban Railway Line 2
Development of automatic composite connector (electric connector) for salvation

year 2013

Busan Urban Railway PSD Improvement Project (8 lines including No. 2 railway station)
Developed KTX control relay for purchasing condition (Korea Railroad Corporation)

year 2012

Busan Urban Railway Line 1 LB BOX Improvement (38 Combined 114 Units)
Daegu Line 3 (Monorail) Electrical Equipment (DOOR, etc.)
Development of one kind of KTX Honam line week controller and others

year 2011

Seoul Metro Line 2 LB BOX Improvement (22UNIT)

year 2010

X-ray inspection apparatus
Developed KTX (Sancheon) 25KV ISOLATING S / W and other 5 kinds of products
Development of KTX Gyeongbu Line heating contactor

year 2009

Korea Railroad Corporation Commuter-type diesel vehicle (CDC) 60 cargo improvement project
Busan Urban Railway Line 4 (Bansong Line) Electrical Equipment & PSD Business
Development of KTX Gyeongbu Line Power Contactor and Power Supply Contactor

year 2008

Korea Railroad Corporation Commuter-type Diesel Vehicle (CDD) 37 Amount Improvement Project
Korea Railroad Corporation Bundang Line Operator Improvement Project (28 units 56 units)
IVHB improvement of Korea Railroad Corporation

year 2007

Korea Railroad Corporation Chungang Line Operator Improvement Project (16 units, 32 units)

year 2006

Improvement of C / B & L / B of KORAIL Line 1 (Resistance car)
Dubai PSD business

year 2005

Development of new electric locomotives 17-car AUX, CUBICLE and others

year 2004

Development of electric equipment of Busan Urban Railway Line 3
Daegu Urban Railway Line 2 Development of electric products
Developed 3-pole vacuum contactor (exported TSB)

year 2002

Electronic high speed circuit breaker (HSCB) development
Improvement project of diesel electric locomotive distribution box (cab)

year 2001

Development of diesel electric locomotive power contactor and electronic switch

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